Electronic Leak Detector

In this video, Matt shows you one of the many tools that we use on our maintenance and all of our calls.

This is our electronic leak detector. It’s what we use to pick up on all of our refrigerant leaks.

We check multiple parts of your system for leaks on every call. We’ll go to your inside coil and check all around that for leaks and we’ll go to your outside system and check your service valves, the coil, and basically anywhere else that there could possibly be a refrigerant leak within the system.

The way this thing works is on this end right here, there’s a little sensor down there with a filter that picks up on all of the refrigerants. This is kind of the noise that it makes when it’s on and not detecting anything. I have this little tester right here that this leak detector comes with. This is the noise that it makes when it picks up on something.

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