Cooler Weather Means Time For A Check-Up

This time of year, it’s getting a lot cooler. Your systems are going to need to be turned on and checked to see how they’re doing.

Some people have heat pumps, which uses the freon and the outside unit. Some people have electric heat strips, which really smell bad when you first turn them on. Then we have gas furnaces out there that use natural gas or propane for heating your home.

Firehouse Heating & Air has an awesome team that comes out and does a good checkup to make sure your system is running properly and safely. We check for carbon monoxide and make sure everything is running correctly.

Obviously this time of year we run into problems with fire hazards, so it’s really good to let us come out and turn these things on to make sure you don’t have any potential fire risks. Especially heaters that use gas, where typically we run into carbon monoxide problems. Our team has meters that we use to check that there is none in your home.

We also verify that your smoke detectors are working properly. We carry ladders on the trucks, so we can help you out with that if that’s something that you need.

This is the perfect time to get going on your tune-ups. Give us a call and we’ll take care of you.