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About Our Company

Wesley Gheen and Matt Frajkor were both suffering from failing heating and cooling systems, and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So, they did what anyone would do: called around to find the right HVAC company to lend a hand.

After spending hundreds of dollars in a futile effort to diagnose their issues, they took matters into their own hands. They taught themselves the ins-and-outs of HVAC system so that they could make the necessary repairs themselves.

That’s when it hit them… if they could fix their own HVAC systems, then they could do the same for their neighbors in the community!

So, they immediately went to work learning the business from Wesley’s Uncle Bill, and later attended HVAC School where they received their Technician Certifications. After working for other companies in the Dallas Metroplex, Wesley and Matt decided it was time to take their philosophy of integrity and honesty and start their own company.

After partnering with high school friend Wayne Clark (who already had over 10 years of experience in the industry) they founded Firehouse Heating & Air in June 2016.

Firehouse Heating & Air isn’t just a catchy name… it represents much more. Wesley and Matt are active firefighters, and are sworn to protect their community at all costs. Firefighters are known for honorable qualities such as: Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Excellence, Respect, Dedication, and above all, willingness to Serve Others. They believe in bringing this same level of commitment to their heating and air business, and will do everything within their power to make sure your HVAC needs are met. As a result, Firehouse Heating & Air dominates the industry when it comes to efficient, trustworthy work.

The honesty with which Wesley, Matt and Wayne run this business is refreshing. You can count on their service to be completely transparent in all repairs, installations, sales, and maintenance work. You can trust that they will not only provide you with a solution, but also the explanation on precisely how the technicians arrived from point A to point B.

At Firehouse Heating & Air, we believe that the job is done best when our customers feel knowledgeable and comfortable with the work performed. We want to help you become familiar with your HVAC system, just like Wesley and Matt had to do for themselves! We don’t consider a job finished until you are completely comfortable.

As Firefighters, we are trusted to bring “order from chaos” at the worst time in a person’s life. Allow us to bring “order from chaos” for your home comfort needs!

Firehouse Heating & Air Owners Wesley, Matt And Wayne

What Our Customers Say…

What is a Customer Care Dealer?

The Customer Care program is made up of handpicked dealers who are ready to listen, evaluate and find solutions that work smarter for you and your home.

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