Do You Need Annual Maintenance on your HVAC?

Firehouse Heating and Air is starting a new series about what services we provide on our Annual Maintenance Program and how they help prolong the life of your units and cut costs.

Check out the introductory video, featuring our owner Wesley!

In this series, we will be going thru the intricate things we do to make sure your system runs efficiently throughout the year.

It’s usually good to have us come out twice a year, once to make sure the heating side is working and the other to ensure your cooling side is working.

You can save up to $125 per year in energy efficiency when your system is kept clean and working within the manufacturer’s specifications.

In this series, we will go through changing filters, how we wash the inside and outside units, some of the components that we will be checking, and how we find the weakest area of your system that may need repair.

When we are in your home, we go through all of this with you, and we always keep it simple. We want you to fully understand the maintenance process.

For more information, contact us any time at (469) 247-3234.