Benefits of Timely Filter Changes

Video 1 in our Annual Maintenance Program Series explains the timing, reasoning and benefits of timely filter changes.

It is extremely important to change the air filter in your HVAC unit. If you skip this important maintenance on your air conditioner, the air flow will become restricted. This can cause serious issues, such as the blower motor failing or the coils freezing up.

Another benefit to frequent air filter changes is improved air quality. You don’t want your air filling up with dust and debris.

If your system uses 1 inch filters, we recommend you change them monthly. If you use 4 inch filters, these should last about 3 months with normal use.

Compared to massive system overhauls and repairs, filters are inexpensive. If you purchase them through Firehouse Heating & Air, they cost between $7 and $15 depending on the efficiency rating and size.

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