Sludge Build-Up in Sink P-Trap Tie-In

This is the configuration of a typical sink P-trap / condensate tie-in. Every elbow decreases the flow of water, and promotes sludge build-up.

Typical Sink P-Trap / Condensate Tie-In

When this sludge accumulates in the P-Trap tie-in over the course of years, and we attempt to clear it with nitrogen, we can only blow a small portion loose.

Sludge Build-Up in P-Trap Tie-In

You can see how the sludge restricts the sink drain. This reduces the flow of water, causing for slow draining and back ups.

P-Trap under the sink, full of sludge build up

The good news is, the problem can be fixed. By disassembling and cleaning the sink P-trap / condensate drain tie-in, your sink can be as good as new.

Firehouse Heating & Air does not perform this service, but we do recommend a company that does! JR & Son Plumbing will disassemble, clean and reassemble your sink P-Trap / condensate drain tie-in at a cost of $225 to $275. Call them today at (972) 285-4631.