Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality Service

Indoor air quality is an area that we have some expertise in, and we do have equipment that will help with indoor air quality in your home.

The first thing that we have is this roto brush duct cleaner. It has a very soft bristles on the end of it. We also have a vacuum cleaner so that essentially when it knocks the dust and dirt and stuff off inside your ductwork, then it sucks it into the system. It actually has a couple of big air filters inside here that capture all of that so we don’t spread it in the home.

We remove all the grills and we clean those. We also have a camera where we can see how clean it is.

After that’s done, we use a fogging machine that has an antimicrobial mist that goes into the system. We run it into the return air and let it cycle throughout the whole system. It kills your mold spores, your bacterias, any kind of viruses that are inside your, any kind of VOCs and also any kind of odors.

Something else that you can add in your home is a UV light which keeps that continuous cleaning of the air inside your home. They’ve actually got this science behind it figured out so that it kills the Covid-19 virus. They’ve done extensive research into that and found out that these lights are actually killing it.

It usually takes us three, four hours just to do one home to make sure your your indoor air is nice and clean.